From planning, building, operating and maintaining facilities, to complete logistics and personnel accommodation and sustainment, ES‑KO takes care of all aspects of the site preparation and construction.

We are proud of providing and delivering adaptable and self-sufficient solutions that can be deployed, integrated and shipped anywhere, in the shortest possible time.

Concept, Design and Building
ES-KO’s Construction department assesses the site conditions and applicable logistic solutions, designs the facilities and infrastructures, procures, ships and erects the facilities and equipment. We can provide prefabricated buildings of any type, from traditional Panel Systems to containerized units (flat-pack or fully assembled) and Blockhaus® wood structures to construct buildings for virtually any type of purpose.
Our experience ranges from the design and erection of staff accommodation blocks, office complexes, kitchens and dining facilities, laundries, ablutions units, to recreation complexes and hotels, warehouses, workshops and medical centres.
If required, we can also design and build facilities using traditional systems, by the use of pre-selected local subcontractors.

ES-KO specializes in providing complete turnkey services that not only support and maintain the mission, but fulfil the crucial tasks of site and supply chain management, operations and maintenance, communications and security.

In addition to the concept, design and building, we offer:

  • Landscaping
  • Video Surveillance (CCTV)
  • Maintenance
Construction-related Procurement can benefit of a wide network of trusted and competent suppliers that can support ES‑KO in its broad range of projects.
Thanks to its building capability and its knowledge of the logistics, ES‑KO can competitively supply and, where requested, install a large variety of products in challenging locations.

ES-KO also provides the following equipment to match the building units provided:

  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Generators and Power Stations
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Waste Treatment Plants
  • Sustainable Energy Solutions

However, in particular conditions, we’ve also provided fast deployable special products as:

  • Containerized kitchens
  • First aid units
  • Mobile units (Kitchens and Surgical Units)
  • Armoured cars
  • Refurbishment of airfields surfaces

Case study

Hotel Construction, Dakar, Senegal

In addition to containerized solutions and traditional buildings, ES‑KO is currently exploring and developing new construction solutions such as Timber Prefabs – named Blockhaus® – which can be applied in multiple fields. The application can range from Hotel Construction to rapid deployable Schools and other Public Facilities in challenging environments.
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In 2012 ES-KO was contacted by an international Hotel Chain interested in developing a new product to the same high standards currently offered to each guest by the 4 Star existing Hotel facilities – whilst drastically reducing the construction times usually needed for traditional buildings.
ES-KO suggested its new Timber solution and achieved the result to deliver a finished product within 3 months, as requested by the Client.

The turnkey extension – covering over 1000m² and inclusive of Common Facilities such as a Tennis Courts and 32 fully Equipped Rooms completed with inside Bathroom and Fittings – was delivered complete to the Client within the expected time.

This allowed our client to start using the new built Section and therefore immediately start to amortize the investment making immediate profit.