Food supply

Food supply

As one of the largest food rations providers worldwide, ES‑KO is currently supporting thousands of national and multinational Peacekeepers every day, in the most difficult and logistically challenging areas of the word.

ES-KO certified suppliers all passed our Quality Assurance (QA) Assessment Program. Due to our strong buying power and extensive distribution system, we can provide a high level of service at competitive prices.

Consumer Goods
The Procurement of all Consumer Goods is a critical and central part of our Supply Chain. From our global headquarters in Monaco, our team deals with the sourcing of goods and services to customers around the world.
Our network of suppliers is composed of both international and local companies with whom we have successfully worked for many years, whilst developing relationships with new vendors to meet the ever changing requirements of our clients.

ES-KO evaluates its suppliers constantly and implements the highest compliance and quality standards so that the products and facilities we provide meet and exceed client requirements.

Thanks to our direct contact with suppliers and high-volume bulk purchases, we are able to offer very competitive prices to all our clients.

Our Food Procurement areas include all Food Items and categories: ambient, chilled and frozen.

To offer a complete set of services, we can also take care of time consuming and administratively arduous operations thus saving our Clients the time needed to organize:

  • Port Clearance
  • Transportation to Operational/Local Warehouses
In order to quickly respond to our Clients’ needs and deliver the food requested on time, ES‑KO has built, and is currently maintaining, its own strategically located warehouses throughout its areas of deployment.
Our facilities are operated by qualified and experienced staff using proven standardized procedures.

We utilise various storage systems depending on how our food should be stored and includes specialised and separate ambient, chilled and frozen temperature controlled areas.
We have the competence to:

  • Build and/or Refurbish Warehouses, in accordance with international hygienic standard
  • Constantly monitor chilled, frozen and ambient storage conditions
  • Provide central and local warehouses in remote sites of operations
  • Manage of reserve stocks for contingency situations
In-Country Distribution
For more than half a century, ES‑KO has been providing food supplies and related transport solutions that ensured safe, rapid and efficient delivery in the world’s most remote and challenging environments.
Our combined and integrated transportation systems allow us to develop customized solutions including road, rail and maritime/waterway solutions for the specific needs of our clients.
Over the years we have supplied international peace-keeping forces such as NATO & the United Nations as well as commercial clients throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.
In remote areas, roads are often unstable and trails can change virtually without notice due to different factors (weather or human action).
ES-KO has proved its ability to respond and adapt to the diverse regional challenges establishing new routes even in areas with poor or minimal infrastructure.
Our services include:

  • The use of different means of transport selected for every circumstance (e.g. trucks, barges, planes, helicopters or cargo)
  • Local knowledge and constant inspection of routes
  • On-site repair and maintenance facilities

Frequently our clients require bulk food storage on a short-term basis in extreme locations.
ES-KO has demonstrated its competence and ability to provide an all-inclusive containerized service, encompassing supply of certified ISO standard equipment onsite.

Case study

Natural Disasters

In Haiti, ES-KO – as the supplier of food rations to the several thousand UN troops – had to quickly react to the disaster caused by the January 2010 earthquake. The Port was destroyed and therefore the normal access route to the Capital was cut-off. ES‑KO’s response was first of all to redirect our containers into the Dominican Republic and then organize transhipment into Port-au-Prince. We kept our client closely informed of the situation and our plans to solve the emergency.
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ES-KO’s Project Manager immediately deployed to Santo Domingo and made arrangements with our local clearing agent – who was previously identified and screened by ES‑KO’s Head Office. This done, all documentation was changed and supplies redirected.
There were no delays to ES-KO’s supplies to the contingents deployed in Haiti.
Additionally, ES-KO was asked to immediately supply nearly a million litres of bottled water to assist in the crisis. The water was initially airlifted and then supplied over the next few weeks by container and truck.
The reaction from the Client was positively enthusiastic.

Another example of quick and effective reaction to unexpected natural disaster was following the volcano eruption in 2002 in Goma – where ES‑KO is supporting the distribution of food rations to eastern Congo.
ES-KO’s Manager remained on site even when over 300,000 people were evacuated from the city.
The deliveries to the local airport were not disrupted, however, as the conditions rapidly became too difficult for the UN to continue its operations from Goma, it was decided, as an interim, to move the food supply to Kinshasa on the western coast of Africa.
ES-KO maintained full support from its stocks in Kinshasa for the entire Mission, the goods were quickly replenished by air-lifting foodstuffs from European sources. In the meantime, additional food was also loaded onto the next available vessel to avoid undue cost for air-lifting.