Site services

Site Services

ES-KO is a provider of integrated solutions for remote operations and facilities, camps and the management of all site services.

This means that we take care of keeping your facilities, properties, assets and systems well maintained and we provide cleaning, laundry and housekeeping services.
In addition to this ES‑KO can support in providing Janitorial Services, Pest Control, Ground Maintenance as well as Water Purification and Waste water treatment and Waste management.

ES-KO’s Life Support Services include the supply of foodstuffs, transportation and delivery to site, provision of highly qualified catering managerial and expatriate staff and fully trained kitchen and dining room personnel. ES‑KO has a vast database on the gastronomic traditions and specific dietary requirements of several different nationalities and can therefore offer a wide menu fitting the different ethnic group culinary tastes paying particular attention to the health and safety of both our clients and employees.
Supported by our extensive “Supply Chain and Quality Management System”, ES‑KO offers a complete range of Life Support Services to include:

  • Vector/Pest control
  • Waste management
  • Fuel systems management
  • Water purification
Facility Management
ES-KO can provide different Facilities Management devoting its staff to the coordination of space, infrastructure, people and organization of the services.

We can run the administration of office blocks, convention centres, hospitals and hotels following the diverse needs depending on the Client type.

By taking care of the Laundry, Housekeeping, Janitorial, Pest Control and Ground Maintenance Services, we enable our Client to concentrate on their core business and still grant their staff good living conditions even in remote and challenging locations.

Maintenance Services
In a global market where ready-made solutions are easily available, ES‑KO replies to its Clients’ needs providing tailored budgets that are carefully crafted and where expenses are closely monitored.
We know our clients depend on us to provide total maintenance services projects of any scale that align with their business goals while we guarantee our professional commitment to excellence and safety.

Our maintenance services include site management, planning and scheduling, preventative maintenance, spares supply and professional personnel and supervision. Our efforts to ensure the safety of our customers through dedicated maintenance work have helped us develop some partnerships that have lasted years.
For everyone at ES‑KO, our clients are more than contracts and our reputation centres on the continued satisfaction of each one. Through every step of each project, ES‑KO will supply the right workforce, with the required skills, to meet your short and long-term goals.

Case study

Full Life Support Services, Chaghcharan, Afghanistan

In October 2006, upon completion of the construction of the Lithuanian Camp in Chaghcharan, Afghanistan, ES‑KO was awarded the contract for the provision of Full Life Support Services to include Food and Water Supply and Catering Services to 200 persons (up to a maximum of 400) of the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT). This project included the construction of additional facilities such as kitchen and dining facility, full service gymnasium, maintenance facilities and staff accommodation.
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The contract also included all engineering works pertaining to camp fencing (HESCO barriers), excavation works and installation of water and sewage treatment systems, finishing and leveling of the camp site. The project additionally included fuel storage, Airfield snow clearance and fire-fighting services. All construction works were completed in December 2007 whereupon the services contract commenced.

On 23 February 2010, ES-KO was re-awarded the contract, with a 40% increase in personnel levels and additional services for a further three years following an “open competition” award basis. The services managed by ES‑KO included:

  • Supply of food and drinking water, catering service
  • Water (for technical purposes) supply, purification and maintenance of water tanks
  • Maintenance of the fuel dispensing, circulation distribution, storage and subsequent issue of fuel and refueling equipment
  • Cleaning services, Laundry service and Extermination of parasites and rodents
  • Waste management service
  • Engineer network maintenance service and Engineering works
  • Fire fighting and prevention service with fire response vehicles
  • Welfare service